Sample Work
Katie L. Pyle
[email protected]
My name is Katie Pyle and I am a modeler and character designer. I grew up with a computer and Playstation®. I grew fond of my first game, but noticed the graphics were more geometric and it would make me think about how the game should look. After playing the game over and over again, I grew more addicted to the idea of how I wanted games to look. My desire was to have games captivate the viewer, allowing them to leave this world behind and be drawn in by the illusion of the graphics.

And so, at age 11, I set a goal to revolutionize graphics and how the games are perceived. I wanted to push the graphics past its potential to one day help create a game where people are virtually/physically involved in, not just pushing buttons.

I would like to be involved with creating a virtual world that uses only a spot sensor in points of a room some day. Then, all you have to do is walk into the square and you are in the game. It would be like a hologram but only visible on the inside of the projection. You would see the person in a normal setting but the person will almost feel the vibrations on the body with certain light weight gear.

My main goal is to make graphics that pull the viewer in and let them leave their reality for awhile. You know how there are some fine detailed paintings for fantasy; I want those paintings to come alive. To interact with the art is what a game is all about; a story and art that you are able to go along for the ride. I want to give the viewer another world to represent what they want.

Katie Pyle
Modeler and Character