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Modeling and character designing are a passion of mine.  

I completed a Visual Effects/Gaming degree from Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Chicago, Illinois, May 2009. At the Academy, I developed skills in character design, modeling, and animation.  
My experiences at Flashpoint included: Work on a cloth simulation for a short film, The Clock Maker, help on modeling a docking station for Space Pirates, co-art directing a Flash based website game in which I animated dancers and the grid, modeling of a Steam Punk door for a Heart of Gorgon contest entry, and modeling a Scrat Mario in a workshop.  These examples were completed using Maya, XSI, and Z-Brush.

After Flashpoint, I interned for Xaviant in Alpharetta, Georgia and worked on an unannounced game. Since then I continue to refine my modeling skills and post new work on my website.

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