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Katie L. Pyle
[email protected]

Character Designer/Modeler
Cell: (574)206-5438
Email: [email protected]

Summary of Qualifications
​Skillful and passionate Computer/Traditional artist with strong ability in developing creative concepts from inception to production.

• Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere, Flash
• Microsoft Office, Excel Spreadsheets
• Maya, Z-Brush, GameBryo
• XSI, HTML, and MUD
• German-Proficient, Chinese-Novice, Swedish-Novice, French-Beginner

Strong traditional drawing and painting ability
Digital Graphic and concept art
Character design and development
Animation and strong modeling ability
Fast and keen learner

Tribeca Flashpoint AcademyChicago, IL           January 2008-May 2009 Class of 2009
XSI, Maya and, Adobe After Effects, Z-Brush

University of Saint Francis Fort Wayne, IN                          Fall 2006-December 2007 
• 1.5 years of Maya 8.0-8.5, semesters of: drawing (nude model drawings
 included), advanced drawing, 2-D, 3-D, and photography

Professional Experience
The Clock Maker, Short Film                                               2008- Summer of 08
Collaborated with my team with a cloth simulation that was an interactive

Space Pirates, TV Show                                                     2008- Summer of 08
Designed a poster for a television pitch
Helped model the docking station for the TV series

Production in Action                                                           2008- Summer of 08
The Co-Art Director for a Flash based website game. Animated two Go-go
 Dancers in the game and animated the Grid for the game. Helped with
 communicating the limits for the graphics to the developers

CGSociety Competition Entry                                                       January 2009
“Heart of the Gorgon” Steam Punk entry. I worked with a team and modeled
 a steam punk door and composited many scenes.

Modeler and Character designer at Xaviant                 June 2009-August 6th 2009
• Unannounced Game
Modeled, designed, and textured characters for the player and enemy mobs.

Work Experience
Turning Point Specialty Products, Inc.                                                2016-2017
• Developed a small wireless office network
•Integrated small data server, QuickBooks data entry, Internet access, and remote access
• Developed company website from scratch using Homestead and Bigcommerce
    • Website design included retail sales with online purchasing and wholesale product         review
Bell Precision Rifles                                                                         2016
• Managed sales, taxes, made new partnerships, filled out ATF forms, refiled everything, ordered materials, and inventory
Meat Processor                                                                               2015-2016
• Processed meat and occasionally butchered
Substitute teacher                                                                           2010-2015
• Concord Community School Corporation
Contract Remodeler                                                                         2014-2015
​• Redmodeled houses from head to toe including the outsides
Texas Roadhouse                                                                            2013-2014
​• I was a chef for salads, desserts, broil, cold prep, fry, and baker
Assistant to the Dean and Placement                                               2008-2009
Created and managed Excel spreadsheets
Assisted with communications with Director of Placement and Flashpoint staff
Potential career opportunities for the school 
Assisted Flashpoint Academy with Wizard World Convention 
and GDC San Francisco

Drawing, animation, photography, digital painting, painting, sculpting, 
playing piano
Reading, politics, psychology, astronomy, and learning new languages
Beta, Alpha, and Closed beta testing games
Avid soccer player for thirteen years  

Katie Pyle
Modeler and Character